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Orient Trading Company (OTC) deals in components and spare parts of truck, trailer and bus, as well as super structures for trucks. We are also one of the leading suppliers of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) equipment which includes LPG storage tank equipment, LPG tank truck equipment, stationary plants, such as fittings for pipelines, valves for tanks, pumps and compressor units, meters and metering systems, loading arms stations and cylinder filling plants, vaporizers, safety equipment, as well as LPG dispensers and complete AUTOGAS filling stations. Read more..

Hydraulic system for dumpers

dumper Our hydraulic system for dumpers consists of cylinders, high pressure hoses, pump, reservoir, valves, filters, as well as in cab controls.

It uses energy from the truck's PTO to pump the hydraulic oil, and creates hydraulic flow. All of our hydraulic components are highest quality, and extremely durable. Learn more..

Trailer brake systems

trailer Trailer brake systems consist of components mounted both on the tow vehicle and the trailer. For these systems to operate properly, the trailer wiring end plug on the trailer must match the wiring pattern of the mating plug on the tow vehicle.

A brake controller must be properly mounted at the dash area of the tow vehicle. The brake controller allows for adjustment of braking strength and also offers a manual brake control for emergency braking. Whether you choose to replace the entire trailer brake assembly, only individual parts in need of repair, or need new brakes to build a trailer -- We have what you need to do the job right. Learn more..

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